YOUNITE’s Hyunseung will be taking a break from his activities due to personal reasons. This announcement came on June 12 through a statement released by BRANDNEW MUSIC on the group’s official fan café.

YOUNITE Member Hyunseung Announces Temporary Hiatus

In the statement, the agency detailed that Hyunseung would be temporarily stepping back from group activities to address his personal matters, though no specific details were provided.

“We would like to inform you that YOUNITE’s member Hyunseung will be temporarily suspending his activities due to personal reasons. For the time being, YOUNITE will continue their activities as an 8-member group,” the statement read. “We sincerely apologize for causing concern to our fans with this sudden news.”

The news arrives amid growing anticipation for YOUNITE’s potential participation in “Road to Kingdom 2.” Rumors have been circulating about the possible lineup for the show, with several boy groups, including CRAVITY, xikers, THE NEW SIX, 8TURN, ATBO, and TEMPEST, reportedly being considered alongside YOUNITE. Despite these speculations, there have been no official confirmations from either the agencies of these groups or Mnet, the show’s broadcaster, leaving fans in suspense.

The uncertainty surrounding Hyun Seung’s hiatus raises questions about how YOUNITE will manage upcoming performances and promotional activities, especially if they do participate in “Road to Kingdom 2.” The competitive nature of the show typically requires all members to be actively involved, which means Hyunseung’s break could impact the group’s overall performance and strategy.

YOUNITE has been steadily gaining attention in the K-pop industry, and their potential involvement in “Road to Kingdom 2” is seen as a significant opportunity for further exposure and growth. Fans are hopeful that Hyunseung will be able to return to the group soon, fully rested and ready to contribute to their future endeavors.

While the current situation is challenging, YOUNITE’s fans remain optimistic about the group’s future. The possibility of participating in “Road to Kingdom 2” and other upcoming projects offers a beacon of hope and excitement for both the group and their supporters.