Yuju is hoping to see her old friends again really soon. The former GFriend member recently spoke about her hopes to reunite with Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, SinB, and Umji. Not surprisingly, she isn’t the only one pushing for a GFriend reunion in the future!

Yuju Wants A GFriend Reunion To Happen Soon

In a recent interview, former GFriend member Yuju expressed her enduring dedication to GFriend’s legacy and her deep affection for her fellow group members. Since her departure from GFriend in January of last year, Yuju has been pursuing her solo career, which has allowed her to explore new musical directions while cherishing the memories and bonds formed during her time with the group.

“During my time with GFriend, my role was well-defined. I was responsible for performing the powerful sections and delivering the climax in most songs. Now, as a solo artist, my task is to relay the entire narrative of a song on my own,” she said. “I attach immense importance to the lyrical aspect of music, ensuring its message is successfully communicated to my audience.”

Yuju shared her strong commitment to continue her solo journey, even if it means her accomplishments may differ from those achieved as part of GFriend. Her determination to grow as an artist while honoring the group’s legacy remains unwavering.

“Deciding to go solo was by no means a quick and easy decision,” she said. “Despite having been in the industry for quite a few years, as a solo artist, I am essentially starting afresh, much like a rookie. I don’t harbor unrealistic expectations to instantaneously reach the heights we scaled as GFriend. Even though it might take more time, I am convinced of the importance of sincerity and authenticity in this journey.

GFriend Members Consider Possible Collaborations

Additionally, in a previous interview, fellow GFriend member Yerin had expressed her excitement about the possibility of collaborating with Yuju in the future, keeping the hopes of fans alive for a potential reunion or joint project between the two talented artists.

“We often converse about how wonderful it would be to perform together again,” Yuju said in response. “We all know that this day will certainly arrive but prefer not to prematurely speculate about when.”

So when can we expect a GFriend reunion? For now, there has been no official announcement as the other members are also busy with their own promotions. For instance, VIVIZ is also active these days. Still, fans are hoping that the members will reunite soon.