As Mnet’s girl group survival show “I-LAND 2: N/a” transitions into Part 2, the show has announced an exciting new Storyteller! ZEROBASEONE member Sung Han Bin is officially joining the series!

ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Han Bin Joins ‘I-LAND 2’ As New Storyteller

Unlike the first season of Mnet’s survival show “I-LAND,” which was produced in collaboration with HYBE and resulted in the creation of the boy group ENHYPEN in 2020, the second season brings a fresh collaboration with longtime YG Entertainment producer Teddy and his agency, THEBLACKLABEL. This season features BIGBANG’s Taeyang, renowned dancers Monica and Lee Jung, and producers 24 and VVN as the producers and performance directors, adding a wealth of experience and star power to the show’s production team.

On the June 6 broadcast, “I-LAND 2” concluded Part 1 with a dramatic survival announcement ceremony, revealing the 12 contestants who have advanced to Part 2. This pivotal moment also marked the end of the initial phase and set the stage for the intense competition that lies ahead.

On June 7, Mnet announced that ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Han Bin will take on the role of Storyteller starting from Part 2, succeeding Song Kang, who held the role in Part 1. The transition also adds a new dynamic to the show, with Sung Han Bin bringing his recent experience from debuting through Mnet’s boy group survival show “Boys Planet” in 2023.

His journey from trainee to debuting idol provides him with a unique perspective, making him an ideal role model and supportive senior to the contestants. Sung Han Bin is also expected to bridge the gap between the participants and the audience, enhancing the storytelling aspect of the show.

What to Expect in ‘I-LAND 2’

For Part 2, the show’s subtitle will also change from “N/a” to “FINAL COUNTDOWN,” signaling the critical phase where the stakes are higher, and the competition intensifies. Starting from the next broadcast, viewers will also be introduced to the final number of members set to debut in the new girl group, adding to the anticipation and excitement.

“I-LAND 2: FINAL COUNTDOWN” will begin airing on June 13 at 9:30 p.m. KST. This new phase promises to be filled with high-energy performances, emotional moments, and the relentless pursuit of dreams as the contestants vie for a spot in the debut lineup.

With a stellar production team and the addition of Sung Han Bin as the Storyteller, “I-LAND 2” is also set to captivate audiences and deliver another round of compelling, must-watch television. As the journey continues, fans are also eager to see which contestants will rise to the challenge and secure their place in the new girl group, making this season a landmark event in the world of K-pop.