Winter will be sitting out aespa’s current schedule due to health issues. The announcement was made shortly after a M Countdown fire broke out during pre-recording.

M Countdown Fire Breaks Out During Pre-Recording

On May 16, a minor fire broke out during aespa’s pre-recording for “M Countdown.” Fortunately, there were no injuries reported from this incident.

Mnet, the broadcasting company behind “M Countdown,” released an official statement detailing the event: “During an artist’s pre-recording for ‘M Countdown,’ a fire broke out when a spark flew into the set located at the corner of the stage. The fire was detected in its early stage and was extinguished immediately, and at the same time, the artists and the audience were evacuated from the stage.

M Countdown

The prompt action by the crew ensured that the fire was quickly controlled, minimizing potential damage and risk. Mnet further assured, “All ‘M Countdown’ sets are being treated to be flame retardant, and we will carefully re-examine the maintenance status to prevent the same problem from recurring.” This statement underscores Mnet’s commitment to safety and prevention of future incidents.

aespa Schedule Disrupted

It was later confirmed that aespa was the group recording at the time of the fire. Despite the disruption, a source from Mnet confirmed that the recording of aespa’s comeback stage was completed successfully and will be broadcast without any issues. The source clarified, “No additional recording was carried out after the fire.”

In the wake of the incident, SM Entertainment, aespa’s management company, announced that member Winter would not participate in the live broadcast on May 16 due to health concerns. SM Entertainment’s statement read:

“Today, a problem occurred on set during the pre-recording of ‘M Countdown.’ Afterwards, it was determined that Winter needs rest and stability due to her poor health condition, so only Karina, Giselle, and Ningning will attend today’s ‘M Countdown’ live broadcast. Winter’s participation in other scheduled activities will be decided in consideration of her recovery status.”

Despite Winter’s absence, aespa will perform “Supernova,” one of the double title tracks from their first full-length album, on “M Countdown” as planned. The remaining members, Karina, Giselle, and Ningning, will carry on with the live performance, ensuring that fans still get to see a part of the group’s highly anticipated comeback.

The incident highlights the unpredictability of live production environments and the importance of safety protocols. The quick response by Mnet’s staff and the subsequent measures taken reflect the industry’s vigilance in protecting artists and audiences alike. Fans are undoubtedly concerned about Winter’s health, but they can take solace in knowing that her well-being is being prioritized.

As aespa moves forward with their promotional activities, the group’s resilience and the support from their management and fans will be crucial. The performance of “Supernova” on “M Countdown” marks a significant moment in their career, showing their dedication and professionalism even in the face of unexpected challenges.