Jennie’s reported collaboration with Zico for his new comeback track marks an exciting development for fans of both artists. Additionally, the BLACKPINK member is expected to feature in the music video for the highly anticipated song.

Will BLACKPINK’s Jennie Appear in Zico’s Comeback Track?

The news has also sparked anticipation and excitement within the K-pop community. Since then, KOZ Entertainment issued a statement regarding Zico’s new music.

“Zico is currently preparing for a comeback targeting April, and we ask for your understanding that it is difficult to confirm other matters,” the statement read.

Zico, a prominent figure in the Korean music industry, is preparing to make his comeback after a hiatus of 21 months since his last EP album release in July 2022. His comeback track, which commemorates his 10-year anniversary since debut, is also highly anticipated by fans who have been eagerly awaiting new music from the talented artist.

The addition of Jennie to Zico’s project adds another layer of excitement. As a member of BLACKPINK and a successful solo artist in her own right, Jennie brings her unique vocal style and stage presence to the collaboration. Fans are eager to see how her voice will complement Zico’s music and what kind of synergy they will create together.

Furthermore, the news that Jennie will also appear in Zico’s music video adds to the anticipation surrounding the release. Fans are curious to see the visual concept of the music video and how Jennie will be portrayed in it.

While details about the collaboration are still scarce and confirmation is pending from Zico’s agency, KOZ Entertainment, the mere prospect of Jennie’s involvement has already generated buzz and excitement among fans. As the release date approaches, fans eagerly await further updates and also look forward to experiencing the synergy between Zico and Jennie in their upcoming song.