Jisoo has major plans with BLISSOO this year. The BLACKPINK member is expanding her brand portfolio with strategic trademark applications for her company across various industries, signaling her aspirations as both a solo artist and entrepreneur.

What Are Jisoo’s Major Plans with BLISSOO?

The move, filed under her real name Kim Ji Soo, hints at potential expansions beyond the realm of music into sectors such as fashion, cosmetics, and entertainment.

The decision to file trademark applications across thirteen different categories suggests a deliberate effort to diversify BLISSOO’s offerings and establish a multifaceted brand presence. By securing intellectual property rights in these sectors, Jisoo and her label are laying the groundwork for future endeavors and ensuring exclusivity and protection for their brand identity.

BLISSOO has filed for different categories including:

  • Class 3: Cosmetics
  • Class 9: Photography, film, media – technical
  • Class 14: Jewelry, watches, precious metals
  • Class 16: Printing, packaging, stationery
  • Class 18: Leather, bags, luggage
  • Class 25: Clothing, footwear, hats
  • Class 26: Accessories (ribbons, decorative tapes, etc.)
  • Class 28: Entertainment, gaming devices, sporting goods
  • Class 35: Advertising, business management, and office management
  • Class 38: Telecommunications
  • Class 41: Education, training, entertainment, sports, and cultural activities
  • Class 43: Restaurants, Catering
  • Class 44: Medical, veterinary, agricultural, fishery, forestry

While the specifics of BLISSOO’s expansion plans remain undisclosed, the broad scope of the trademark applications indicates a willingness to explore new opportunities and capitalize on Jisoo’s influence and popularity. As a member of one of the world’s most prominent K-pop groups, Jisoo possesses a significant platform and fan base, providing a strong foundation for her entrepreneurial ventures.

Jisoo’s Big Plans for 2024

It is important to note that these trademark filings represent initial steps in the process of brand development and expansion. While Jisoo’s ambitions may encompass a wide range of industries, the execution and rollout of these plans are likely to unfold gradually over time. As she navigates her solo career and explores new avenues, Jisoo will have the opportunity to shape BLISSOO into a dynamic and impactful brand that reflects her interests and aspirations.

Overall, Jisoo’s strategic trademark applications underscore her commitment to building a multifaceted brand empire and highlight her entrepreneurial spirit beyond the realm of music. As she embarks on this new chapter, fans can anticipate exciting developments from Jisoo and BLISSOO in the future.