Lisa’s recent visit to Singapore has stirred excitement among fans as she attended Taylor Swift’s concert at the Singapore National Stadium. Following her extensive travels for BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK world tour and her individual endeavors, Lisa’s presence at the highly anticipated event added to the buzz surrounding the concert, especially after she participated in a viral trend!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Participated in Viral Trend

Accompanied by her friend and fellow idol, CLC’s Sorn, Lisa’s attendance at Taylor Swift’s concert delighted fans who eagerly awaited glimpses of the BLACKPINK member enjoying the show. The duo also had the opportunity to connect with American singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter, adding to the memorable experience of the night.

Fan-taken photos and videos captured Lisa and Sorn thoroughly enjoying themselves during the concert, with glimpses of their interactions with fellow fans adding to the excitement. Lisa’s participation in a viral trend for Swifties further endeared her to fans, as she joined in trading and giving away beaded friendship bracelets inspired by Taylor Swift’s lyrics.

During the concert, lucky BLINKs had the chance to gift Lisa their own friendship bracelets as part of the cherished tradition. Lisa’s enthusiastic participation in the trend not only showcased her connection with fans but also highlighted her warm and approachable demeanor.

In addition to attending Taylor Swift’s concert, Lisa and Sorn extended their stay in Singapore to attend SHINee’s concert as well. Their presence at the event added to the excitement surrounding SHINee’s performance, further emphasizing the camaraderie and mutual support within the K-pop industry.

Overall, Lisa’s visit to Singapore provided fans with unforgettable moments as she immersed herself in the vibrant atmosphere of live music and shared special experiences with fellow idols and fans alike. Her genuine interactions and enthusiastic participation in fan traditions further solidified her bond with fans, leaving a lasting impression of her warmth and humility.