Rosé certainly knows what it means to be a true idol. The BLACKPINK member shared her secrets to being a successful performer who can sing and dance. Roseanne Park also discussed the girl group’s preparations as the first Korean act to headline Coachella 2023.

Rosé Reveals How She Became A Successful Idol

Rosé recently posed for Elle Korea and the “Gone” singer spoke about the importance of being a great idol. In the interview, Park Chaeyoung shared how she commands a strong stage presence with every performance. Rose revealed that she transforms into a different person when she is on stage.

“I feel more bold than usual [when I am on stage],” she said. “I feel like I have become a strong and cool hero in a movie. Sometimes it’s fun to become a new character that’s not me.”

Rosé also shared her secret to having a solid voice as an idol.

“Practice is important, but I think I sing better when I believe in myself and feel confident,” she said.

Rose certainly showed off her bold stage presence and strong voice during Coachella 2023 when BLACKPINK became the first South Korean act to headline the music festival. She also opened up about her initial reaction to being asked to perform at Coachella.

“When I first heard the news, I was so happy that I couldn’t speak,” Rosé said. “It was very meaningful for us and for the fans.”

She added, “There were some nervous moments as we were preparing for the show, but the more we prepared, the more we were motivated to do better.”

Finally, Rose discussed her plans for the future.

“We will be wrapping up our second world tour this year, and I want to do it while having fun so that I can remember these moments better in the future,” she said.

Rosé recently attended the 76th Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of the Japanese film “Monster”. Fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie will also attend the film festival in support of the premiere of her HBO series “The Idol” on May 22, 2023.