Lotte Well Food, the confectionary arm of the renowned South Korean conglomerate Lotte, unveiled a new version of Crunky. The new edition of this popular chocolate treat comes with special covers featuring images of BTS. The Crunky x BTS collaboration seamlessly merges the image of Crunky with the personalities of all seven BTS members.

Crunky is immensely popular in Japan and Korea. Lotte, a major player in the chocolate industry, considers Crunky Crunch Chocolate one of its flagship products. Its widespread appeal is due to its contrasting textures of hearty rice puffs and smooth milk chocolate. Crunky made its Japanese debut in 1974 and began its South Korean journey a decade later, in 1984. Over the years, Lotte has collaborated with various K-pop acts to promote this snack. In 2014, the brand joined forces with boyband EXO, and in 2018, they partnered with MAMAMOO’s Hwasa.

The BTS x Crunky collaboration offers a total of eight unique designs: seven featuring individual BTS members and one featuring the whole group. The packaging’s design is a visual treat, with the product’s name superimposed on a backdrop resembling a dazzling stage. Each BTS member’s photo is at the center. Collecting and stacking all eight varieties in order will reveal a hidden image featuring the BTS logo. But that’s not all. Lotte Well Food has big plans for this collaboration. Later this month, they intend to launch the Crunky Double Crunch Bar featuring BTS.


BTSパッケージの「CRUNKY」発売決定! LOTTEの定番チョコレートにBTSが初登場✨デザイン8種類! 「CRUNKY‪✕✖︎BTS」 2023年10月24日(火)より全国で数量限定販売🍫✨ 絶対GETせねば✊💖 #LOTTE #CRUNKY #チョコレート #BTS

♬ Butter – 방탄소년단 (BTS)

Lotte has worked with BTS before

This collaboration marks Lotte Well Food’s first chocolate product partnership with BTS. However, their association with the group isn’t new. Since 2021, Lotte Well Food has been running a global brand campaign with BTS using Xylitol gum. Its goal was to spread joy in tough times, with its theme song being BTS‘ hit track “Butter.” 

In July 2021, Lotte Xylitol released a commercial for the Smile to Smile Project campaign starring BTS. They released a special movie on their YouTube channel the day after. Fast forward to July 3, 2023, when Lotte unveiled their latest Xylitol commercials featuring BTS, where they shared insights about the filming.

In other news, the septet is currently on hiatus and plans to resume group activities in 2025 after completing their mandatory military service. So far, three members—Jin, SUGA, and j-hope—have enlisted. Stay tuned for more updates on this collaboration and BTS’ future. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: This is one of BTS’ most delicious collabs yet! Source: Instagram/@a.rm.y_ot7bts.