In a video message posted on Weverse, BTS‘s Jin highlighted a traditional Korean snack that holds a special place in the hearts of many. The video was titled “Jin’s Message from Jin: Nov 2023,” and in it, Jin expressed his fondness for bungeoppang, a type of street food known for its sweet taste and unique shape.


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Jin shared, “The weather gets really cold in November, and isn’t it the season to eat bungeoppang while carrying around 1,000 won somewhere in your heart? I will be praying that you can enjoy warm bungeoppang in the winter.”

Bungeoppang, which means “carp bread,” is made by pouring a simple batter of baking powder, flour, sugar, and water into a fish-shaped mold. The traditional filling is a sweet red bean paste. This paste is added before the mold is closed and cooked until it turns golden-brown. This process results in a crispy exterior and a soft, sweet interior, making bungeoppang a sought-after treat in the winter.

Bungeoppang is more than a snack

Originating in Korea in the 1930s, bungeoppang is more than just a snack; it has become a part of Korean culture, often linked with childhood memories and evocative of winter street scenes. It’s a common sight at street markets and winter festivals. Over time, bungeoppang has evolved, with modern variations including fillings like custard, chocolate, and cheese, and even some savory versions. Its popularity extends beyond Korea, with variations found in other East Asian countries. Each variation puts a local twist on the recipe.


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In his message, Jin also expressed his affection for fans, urging them to stay healthy as the weather gets colder. “As it gets colder in November and it’s practically winter, please be careful not to catch a cold and stay healthy. If you are sick, it really hurts my heart too. November is close to the end of the year. I hope you finish November well and spend the end of the year well. I’ll say goodbye for now and come to see you all again next time. Eat a lot of bungeoppang.”

Jin is currently serving in the military, yet he continues to connect with fans through different types of content. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Like many South Koreans, Jin loves this delicious treat. Source: X/@jinxjoyxjoon_7.