BTS member Kim Taehyung (aka V) is still serving in the military, having enlisted in December last year. While fans eagerly await his return along with the rest of the septet, it’s clear that V misses his supporters just as much.

On March 2, V took to Instagram Stories, posting an old video featuring all seven BTS members practicing the choreography for their hit single “Permission to Dance.” He captioned it with the words, “ARMYs haven’t forgotten about me, right? I’m still breathing, you know? Do you think of us occasionally?” This moment of vulnerability tugged at the heartstrings of fans worldwide. It prompted many to reassure V of their continued love and support.


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They took to the fan community platform Weverse to remind V that they’re also counting down the days till he completes his mandatory military service. One fan’s post caught V’s attention. They wrote, “Taehyungah, I’m thinking of you as naturally as breathing. You’re always sparkling in my heart, I won’t forget you. So be healthy and comfortable. I’m still here without changing.”

V replied, “Then that’s a relief~ thought it was just one-sided for me.”

The BTS member will drop a new song

Amid this exchange of love and support, V’s agency BigHit Music organized a special event to help V connect with fans. The event, named FRI(END)S Party, is scheduled for March 16 in Seongdong District, Seoul. This get-together aligns with the release of V’s new song, “FRI(END)S,” which is set to hit streaming services on the 15th. Those who attend will get to watch its official music video and leave handwritten letters and voice messages for V. This event, exclusive to BTS’s official fan club members, is intended as a gift to the fans from BigHit Music. 

“FRI(END)S” signifies V’s first new release since he dropped his debut solo album Layover in September 2023. The track is described by his agency as an English pop-soul R&B piece perfect for spring.

V’s military service has been marked by numerous achievements. He began by applying to the Capital Defense Command’s Special Division Team (SDT). He passed the document screening, interview rounds, and physical fitness tests, then enrolled in a five-week basic training course. Upon graduating, he was named an elite soldier. Finally, V went to the Army Administrative School for an additional three weeks of training.

Upon completing his advanced training, V was assigned to the “Ssangyong Unit” in the 2nd Corps of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Army, which is under the Ground Operations Command. V began his service in the military police special task force, directly overseen by the headquarters of the 2nd Corps in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province. He’s set to be discharged on June 10, 2025. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: V proved even the biggest superstars need validation from time to time. Source: X/@BTSx50States.