BTS member V, also known as Kim Taehyung, recently addressed speculations about him joining the “Special Duty Team” during his mandatory military service.

V Confirms Decision to Join ‘Special Duty Team’ for Mandatory Military Enlistment

BIGHIT MUSIC had previously informed fans, known as ARMYs, about the enlistment of the remaining four BTS membersRM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook—in November. However, specific details about the enlistment process were not provided, except for the information that Jimin and Jungkook would enlist through a companion system, allowing them to be together during training.

Recent reports from Korean media outlets suggested that V might join the Special Duty Team, an anti-terrorism unit directly supervised by the Blue House. This news led to a mix of skepticism and concern among ARMYs, as this unit is known for its strict training program and involvement in high-risk operations.

On December 5, during a live broadcast on Weverse, V confirmed the news about joining the Special Duty Team. He described it as a personal challenge and directly addressed the concerns of fans, assuring them that he would take care of himself during the enlistment period.

“There were articles coming out about the unit I will be enlisting. ARMYs were worried, but honestly, I just wanted to challenge myself by going there and because I have goals. So please do not worry too much. I am challenging myself, but I also know how to deflect when needed.”

V’s acknowledgment of the situation and his determination to face the challenge positively resonated with ARMYs, who expressed pride in his attitude. Fans continue to support V and wish for his health and safety during his mandatory military service.

The confirmation from V provides a glimpse into the members’ mindset as they prepare for this significant phase of their careers. The support from ARMYs remains unwavering as they stand by each BTS member during their individual journeys.