BTS member V is already famous on his own but his beloved dog Yeontan is giving him a run for his money. The adorable Pomeranian has become an important companion to the idol. However, that doesn’t mean that Kim Taehyung’s furry friend considers him the boss. As it turns out, the little pup considers another member of the Kim family as his real boss.

V Reveals The One Person Yeontan Respects More Than The BTS Member

In a recent fashion feature for W Korea‘s September 2023 issue, V, the prominent BTS member and ambassador for luxury jewelry brand Cartier, once again graced the pages as a CELINE model. This unforgettable photoshoot showcased V’s captivating style and charisma.

In the midst of this dazzling shoot, V participated in a behind-the-scenes interview where the conversation took a heartwarming turn towards his beloved furry companion, Yeontan. V, known for his endearing connection with his pet, openly discussed their close bond.

During a Q&A session, V shared some delightful anecdotes about Yeontan. He humorously disclosed that his precious pup had recently embarked on a diet due to some overindulgence, coupled with a fresh haircut. V couldn’t help but gush about Yeontan’s undeniable cuteness, revealing a side of the global superstar that fans adore – his genuine affection for his four-legged friend.

Kim Taehyung then revealed that Yeontan’s loyalty changes when they are at home. “The boss in my family is my mom,” he admitted. “When Yeontan is around her, he doesn’t come when I call him.” 

However, the dog still needs V’s support whenever he is around unfamiliar people. “I’m his Number 1 when he’s around strangers,” the idol said.

It’s great to know that V and Yeontan get along well. On the other hand, the pup will always choose the real boss when Kim Taehyung’s mother is around.

V is gearing up for his solo debut with the album “Layover,” scheduled for release on September 8, 2023.