It looks like even Hollywood actors get starstruck! Chris Hemsworth recently spoke about his exciting meeting with STRAY KIDS at the MET Gala 2024.

Chris Hemsworth Discusses Adorable Meeting with STRAY KIDS

“Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth recently sat down for an engaging interview with Buzzfeed UK, where he opened up about his unexpected yet delightful interaction with STRAY KIDS at the 2024 MET Gala. The encounter quickly became a highlight of the event, leaving fans and attendees buzzing with excitement.

During the interview, Hemsworth couldn’t contain his enthusiasm as he recounted the moment he first met the STRAY KIDS members. He described how he had been aware of the group even before their encounter at the MET Gala, expressing his admiration for their music and dynamic performances. In particular, Hemsworth referenced their hit song “Back Door,” indicating that he had been a fan for some time and was genuinely thrilled to meet them in person.

The Australian actor shared a humorous anecdote about lifting the members off their feet, a moment that was both spontaneous and memorable. “I’m just a fan who was excited to meet his favorites,” Hemsworth joked, highlighting his genuine affection for the group. His friendly and approachable demeanor made the interaction even more special for the STRAY KIDS members and showcased Hemsworth’s personality as a social butterfly who easily connects with others.

STRAY KIDS on Meeting the Marvel Superstar

STRAY KIDS also shared their side of the story in a separate interview. They expressed their joy and surprise at being picked up by Hemsworth, describing it as an unforgettable experience. The members spoke highly of Hemsworth’s warmth and friendliness, emphasizing how his gesture made them feel welcomed and appreciated at such a prestigious event.

The meeting between Chris Hemsworth and Stray Kids at the MET Gala not only highlighted the actor’s down-to-earth nature but also bridged the worlds of Hollywood and K-pop in a unique and endearing way. Fans of both Hemsworth and Stray Kids were delighted to see their worlds collide, creating a memorable and heartwarming moment that transcended cultural boundaries.

Hemsworth’s admiration for Stray Kids and his willingness to share this publicly added a layer of authenticity to his persona, further endearing him to fans. It also provided Stray Kids with a significant boost in visibility, showcasing their growing influence and appeal beyond the K-pop industry.

Stray Kids

As the interview concluded, it was clear that the bond formed between Chris Hemsworth and Stray Kids at the MET Gala was a genuine and mutually appreciated encounter. This crossover of Hollywood star power and K-pop charisma created a buzz that resonated with fans globally, underscoring the universal language of music and the power of genuine human connections.