The long wait is over as talented R&B artist DEAN has made his highly-anticipated comeback after more than four years through his latest single “DIE 4 YOU.” 

On Saturday, November 18, DEAN released the track,  which he co-composed with T.Y. and the Indonesian electronic/R&B duo Galdive

Known for his signature style that emphasizes mood and vibe, the singer’s latest offering “DIE 4 YOU” follows suit. Moreover, the artist expertly layers his smooth and controlled vocals over the intricate musical arrangement, creating a chill yet emotionally intense experience. 

Prior to the release of the track, DEAN told fans that he made “some last minute changes” to the track. According to the singer, the updated version was the one available on his YouTube channel. Meanwhile, the versions available on streaming platforms will take some time to update. 

Since “DIE 4 YOU” marked as DEAN’s first solo endeavor since May 2019, it’s unsurprising how many of his fans anticipated his new release. Within several hours of its release, the track quickly climbed Korean charts – proving how he constantly captivates a broader audience. 

Furthermore, the singer’s agency Universal Music Korea  also revealed that a music video for “DIE 4 YOU” is in the works. Although there’s no final date yet as to when it will be released, the news about a music video has already heightened anticipation of the fans  for what promises to be a visually stunning accompaniment to the already captivating track.

DEAN is back! 

On November 10, the singer surprised everyone when he uploaded a cover video on his personal Instagram, hinting at his imminent return. Since then, fans have been left buzzing with anticipation for his comeback. Especially since DEAN‘s last solo release, “Howlin’ 404,” was already four years and six months ago. 

Despite the hiatus, DEAN remained a beloved figure in the K-pop scene as he collaborated with various artists on projects. Among the works he featured in are Nafla’s “Under the Ground,” his and Miso’s “Imagination,” and Tabber and Kim Ximya’s “3AM Freestyle.” 

Prior to his extended break, DEAN was already known to have collaborated with a diverse array of both American and South Korean artists. Through the track “I’m Not Sorry,” he made his international debut featuring the Grammy award winner Eric Ballinger. 

Now that his musical journey has resumed, fans of DEAN are eagerly anticipating what will unfold now that the singer’s musical prowess has been refined during his time away from the spotlight. 

Featured image: DEAN teases a new single. Credit: Instagram/DEAN