Lee Kwang Soo, EXO’s D.O., Kim Woo Bin, and Kim Ki Bang are set to bring humor and camaraderie to the small screen with their upcoming variety show “You Reap What You Sow.” The show recently unveiled a teaser video and posters, giving fans a glimpse into the quartet’s comedic farm life.

Do Kyungsoo Becomes a Farmer in Delightful New Show

In the teaser, the four friends are seen navigating the challenges of farm life on a vast 500-pyeong (about 17,792 square feet) field. Despite their lack of farming experience, they display lively chemistry and engage in chaotic moments that promise laughter. The teaser includes scenes of their first harvest celebration, farming struggles, and D.O.’s mouth-watering mukbang moments, showcasing their diverse talents.

Two posters were also released, featuring the cast in rural attire and striking hilariously awkward poses. The first poster captures their playful and comical side, while the second poster highlights their genuine smiles against the scenic farm backdrop.

Produced by PD Na Young Suk, “You Reap What You Sow” adopts a lighthearted documentary style as it follows the four stars on their farming adventure in the countryside. With their collective inexperience in farming, viewers can also look forward to a series of humorous mishaps as they tackle the challenge of plowing a small field together.

The show’s tagline, “A Comic Documentary of Real Besties’ Facation (Farming Vacation),” hints at the heartwarming and comedic moments viewers can expect as these close friends embark on a unique farming journey. The show’s premiere is also eagerly anticipated by fans hoping to see the chemistry and camaraderie of Lee Kwang Soo, D.O., Kim Woo Bin, and Kim Ki Bang.

Not surprisingly, EXO-Ls are already hyped up about the idea of seeing D.O. as a farmer. Luckily, fans will finally be able to see it happening next month. “You Reap What You Sow” will premiere on October 13, 2023.