EXO-Ls have a reason to celebrate this holiday season. Lay Zhang‘s recent participation in a TikTok challenge for EXO’s “The First Snow” has provided fans with a positive update on his status within the group.

EXO Member Lay Joins ‘The First Snow’ TikTok Challenge

Lay, who officially left SM Entertainment in 2022, has occasionally left fans wondering about his standing with EXO, especially with his absence from recent music videos.

The confusion around Lay’s status heightened due to updates on the SM Entertainment website, leaving fans uncertain about his role within the group. However, Lay’s recent TikTok activity has helped alleviate concerns and clarify that he remains connected to EXO.

The TikTok challenge for “The First Snow” gained popularity, sparking a surge in streaming and charting on the Melon Daily Chart. Lay’s participation in the challenge, where he showcased the dance moves and added a personal touch by forming the signature E-X-O with his hands, delighted fans. This enthusiastic response from Lay and the subsequent trending of “E-X-O,” “EXO Lay,” and “First Snow” on social media platforms reassured fans that Lay continues to be involved with and supportive of EXO.

While Lay’s official participation in music videos may have been limited in recent years, his commitment to participating in album productions and engaging in fan activities demonstrates his ongoing connection to EXO. Fans can look forward to more collaborative moments and updates from Lay, showcasing his enduring bond with the group and its members. The TikTok challenge not only brought joy to fans but also reinforced Lay’s commitment to EXO, fostering excitement and unity within the fandom.

“The First Snow” was originally released in 2013 in the EXO album ‘Miracles in December’. The song was released when EXO still had its original 12 members before Luhan, Kris, and Tao left the group in the following year.