FIFTY FIFTY’s agency has finally broken its silence. ATTRAKT has addressed the plagiarism allegations on the girl group’s hit song “Cupid”.

FIFTY FIFTY’s Agency ATTRAKT Finally Addresses ‘Cupid’ Plagiarism Allegations

ATTRAKT issued a statement regarding the plagiarism allegations on FIFTY FIFTY’s hit “Cupid”. The agency confirmed that they have consulted with the composer of the song who denied that they plagiarized a different track.

We checked with the original producer after the recent media mention of plagiarism accusations against FIFTY FIFTY’s ‘Cupid’, and we found the original producer doesn’t even know the Turkish song in question,” the statement read.

There are similarities in terms of the characteristics of pop music, but we don’t think it’s plagiarism,” it continued.

“Cupid” was composed by Adam von Mentzer, Mac Felländer-Tsai, and Louise Udin. Von Mentzer previously worked on the song “Lovin’ Me” from FIFTY FIFTY’s 2022 EP ‘Higher’.

The plagiarism allegations surfaced online after “Cupid” was released in February 2023. Netizens pointed out that the song sounded like the 2017 song “Sen Askimizdan” by Turkish singer Evrencan Gunduz.

Not surprisingly, Evrencan Gunduz took note of the song. The Turkish artist seemingly accused FIFTY FIFTY of plagiarizing his song in an Instagram post.

For now, Evrencan Gunduz has not yet addressed ATTRAKT’s denial of the plagiarism allegations. In the meantime, FIFTY FIFTY appears to be going strong with the viral hit.

“Cupid” continues to dominate the world charts. Back in March 2023, FIFTY FIFTY made history when they became the fastest K-pop group ever to enter Billboard’s Hot 100. “Cupid” charted at No. 100 and it recently made it to the No. 41 spot.

The song is also doing well on the UK Official Charts. “Cupid” reached a new peak at No. 9 of the UK Official Singles Chart. The song is now the first song by a K-pop girl group to crack the top 10.