All four members of the emerging K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty have filed a lawsuit to halt their contracts with the agency ATTRAKT. 

The group’s legal representative, law firm BARUN, released an official statement confirming that they have submitted an application to the Seoul Central District Court on June 19, requesting provisional disposition to suspend the validity of their exclusive contracts.

According to the statement, the members cited contract breaches and a breakdown of trust for their legal action. They alleged that ATTRAKT violated the terms of the agreement and engaged in actions that damaged their relationship. The ongoing trial is currently addressing these claims.

The group’s legal representative further highlighted that they had raised concerns with ATTRAKT and requested corrective measures. 

However, instead of addressing the issues, the agency allegedly discredited the members through continuous media coverage and accused them of attempting extortion. Additionally, ATTRAKT reportedly disclosed personal medical information about one of the members without her consent.


The statement also outlined instances where the agency failed to fulfill its contractual obligations, including non-transparent settlements and unilateral attempts to enforce scheduled activities despite the members’ poor health conditions.

Emphasizing that their decision to take legal action was independent and without external influence, the four members expressed their desire for ATTRAKT to refrain from slandering them in the future. They expressed their eagerness to reconnect with their fans as soon as possible.

Earlier, ATTRAKT had announced on June 23 that they would be pursuing legal action against “external influences” that allegedly induced their artists to breach valid exclusive contracts. 

While initially did not disclose the agency involved, they later named Warner Music Korea the “external force” approaching the Fifty Fifty members. Warner Music Korea denied the allegations, dismissing ATTRAKT’s claims as baseless.

On June 27, ATTRAKT announced that they had filed criminal charges against their former co-CEO Ahn Sung II and three others, accusing them of fraud, breach of duty, and obstruction of business.

Meanwhile, fans continue to express their support for the girl band, calling out those who continue to support mistreatment in the industry.

Fifty Fifty, consisting of Saena, Keena, Aran, and Sio, debuted in November 2022 and gained recognition for their song “Cupid.” Prior to the issues, they have also been named as one of the leading music contributors for the highly-anticipated Hollywood movie, “Barbie.”

Featured Photo Credit: FIFTY FIFTY Official Twitter