The popular Netflix dating program Single’s Inferno recently concluded its third season and the final couples seemingly hinted at their dating status after the show!


To start off, contestants Lee Jin Seok and Ahn Min Young thrilled the viewers when they picked each other as partners at the finale episode. When asked about their current relationship, Jin Seok answered that he only focuses on one person and that’s what happened in the show.

However, Jin Seok revealed that due to their busy schedules, they are not dating but they occasionally meet to stay in touch. 

Next is the second couple who left the show together: Park Min Kyu and Kim Gyu Ri. Since matching in episode two, the two have remained close. Although it is unknown if they stayed hand-in-hand after the show. 

Moreover, Choi Min Woo and Yu Si Eun were the third formed couple in Single’s Inferno 3. While they do not post updates of each other on social media, Min Woo and Si Eun were seen resharing fan edits of the couple. With this, fans of the show are considering this as a hint that they formed a relationship. 

Meanwhile, the fourth and last couple for this season were Lee Gwan Hee and Choi Hye Seon. Although the couple have not shown hints about their actual score, Gwan Hee and Hye Seon were seen exchanging interactions on their personal Instagram accounts. With this, their fans became hopeful that their relationship worked outside the Inferno. 

However, Gwan Hee personally spoke up about the matter through his YouTube channel, revealing that they aren’t dating. According to the basketball player, he couldn’t maintain a long-distance relationship given the business of their schedule. “I only kept in touch with her from time to time,” he said.  

Is ‘Single’s Inferno’ 4 possible?

Following the conclusion of season three, the producers of the show revealed that it has been the most successful season as compared to the previous ones.

According to producer Kim Jae Won, the first two seasons garnered a total of about six million viewing hours each. Meanwhile, Single’s Inferno 3 surpassed this record with seven million viewing hours. 

With the show’s success, viewers have expressed their anticipation for another season on social media. However, the producers said that there are no confirmations yet for Single’s Inferno 4. 

“It is not confirmed yet. But I think Netflix is thinking positively about producing the fourth season,” Kim said. Moreover, he also mentioned that they are considering the possibility of creating spin-offs featuring the cast from previous seasons.

Featured image: Lee Gwan Hee shares a photo of Choi Hye Seon after the finale airing of ‘Single’s Inferno’ 3. Credit: instagram/Lee Gwan Hee