South Korean celebrities Choi Minhwan and Kim Yulhee, have decided to end their five-year marriage. 

On late Monday, December 4, both parties announced the news in their respective Instagram posts. 

After much time, effort, and discussion, we have decided to support each other on separate paths. Although our journey as a couple has come to an end, our roles as parents to our children persist,” Yulhee, a former member of K-pop girl group LABOUM, wrote, according to a translation by Soompi

Minhwan and Yulhee are parents to three children. They welcomed their first child in May 2018, followed by the birth of their twin daughters in February 2020. 


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In her post, Yulhee explained that they’ll remain to prioritize their children, promising that they’ll take care of them “to the best of [their] abilities.” Moreover, she also revealed that the children would continue to reside with their father to avoid any psychological distress. Despite this current living situation, Yulhee also emphasized that she spent ample time with the children to ensure that the impact of her absence would be minimal. 

While she was initially worried about sharing the news, Yulhee sought understanding from their fans as it was a difficult decision for all parties involved. But she assured that it was a choice they made “for each other’s happiness” and after “extensive deliberation.” 

The relationship of Minhwan and Yulhee

Following Yulhee’s post, Minhwan also confirmed the news in his own Instagram. “After extensive discussions, my wife and I have come to the decision to conclude our marriage,” he wrote. 

Furthermore, the FT ISLAND member expressed his gratitude and apologies to their families, team members, and fans who had supported them. Amidst the difficult situation, he pledged to not neglect his duties as a father. “I will do my utmost to fulfill my role and ensure our children do not carry any emotional scars,” he said. 


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To recall, Minhwan and Yulhee first confirmed their relationship in September 2017. Two months after announcing that they’re a couple, Yulhee left the group LABOUM. According to her agency, Yulhee “no longer wishes to be in the entertainment industry.” 

In May 2018, their agencies confirmed they’ve legally registered their marriage, just days after the FT ISLAND member announced that his partner is pregnant. Their private wedding ceremony was held in October 2018. 

Throughout their marriage, Minhwan also appeared on the variety show Mr. House Husband wherein he showcased his parenting journey with his three children. 

Featured image: Choi Minhwan and Kim Yulhee tied the knot in October 2018. Credit: FNC Entertainment via Soompi