(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi, known for her vibrant personality and genuine love for SUPER JUNIOR, particularly her bias Ryeowook, has once again captured the hearts of fans with her heartfelt reaction to Ryeowook’s marriage announcement.

Yuqi Has Sweet Reaction to Bias’ Marriage Announcement

Ryeowook’s marriage announcement to former TAHITI member Ari sent ripples of excitement and emotion throughout the K-pop community. Fans, including Yuqi, were eager to learn about her reaction to the news, given her well-known admiration for the Super Junior member.

During a fan call session, a curious fan brought up Ryeowook’s upcoming wedding, prompting Yuqi’s candid response. Although she had already heard about the news through her fellow member Soyeon, Yuqi’s initial reaction reflected a mix of surprise and contemplation. However, she quickly composed herself, demonstrating her maturity and support for Ryeowook’s personal milestone.

Despite the unexpectedness of the news, Yuqi maintained her composure and conveyed her well wishes for Ryeowook’s future happiness. Her response resonated deeply with fans, who praised her genuine and supportive attitude towards Ryeowook’s relationship. Many lauded Yuqi for embodying the ideal fan reaction, emphasizing the importance of respecting and celebrating idols’ personal lives and decisions.

Yuqi’s reaction not only showcased her unwavering loyalty and admiration for Ryeowook but also highlighted her maturity and empathy as an idol. Her ability to handle the news with grace and understanding further solidified her position as a beloved member of the K-pop community.

The heartwarming exchange between Yuqi and her fans underscored the bond between idols and their supporters, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and encouragement within the fandom. Yuqi’s response serves as a shining example of how fans can express their love and admiration for their biases while respecting their personal lives and choices.

As Yuqi continues to captivate audiences with her talent and authenticity, her supportive stance towards Ryeowook’s wedding announcement further cements her reputation as a role model for fans worldwide.