Recently, an X user rocked the social media platform formerly known as Twitter with a post about Heesu in Class 2. According to @beansxooo, they stumbled across the storyboard plan for the upcoming Korean BL (Boys’ Love) drama. Heesu in Class 2 is based on the webtoon of the same name by Lily Zuzu. It was originally published digitally in English by Lezhin Comics from February 7, 2018, to August 1, 2019.

The story of Heesu in Class 2 follows the titular character, whose entire life revolves around his best friend and secret crush, Chanyoung. Heesu doesn’t mind being Chanyoung’s sidekick or listening to him gush about girls. Despite carrying a torch for Chanyoung, Heesu is happy with the way things are. He doesn’t plan to act on his feelings. However, everything changes when he becomes the talk of the town at their school, thanks to his habit of doling out love advice to anyone who asks. As Heesu navigates his newfound popularity, he’s forced to confront his feelings for Chanyoung. This leads him to go on a journey of self-discovery and more.

Actor Ahn Jiho will play Heesu. Ahn Jiho began his career as a child actor and went on to star in one hit K-drama after another, including All of Us Are Dead and Gyeongseong Creature. Meanwhile, Chanyoung will be played by Cho Junyoung of All That We Loved fame.

An emotionally complex storyline

According to the storyboard plan discovered by @beansxooo, tvN’s upcoming drama adaptation will pair Chanyoung with Jiyu, played by Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon. While they weren’t a couple in the webtoon, their romance will be a major part of the drama, alongside the BL storyline featuring Heesu and Seungwon, played by Lee Sang Jun of School 2021. Speaking of Seungwon, in the webtoon he was raised by two women who are in a relationship. This aspect of his character will be preserved in the adaptation. What’s more, Seungwon’s two moms will also appear in the show.

Meanwhile, the show’s creative team fleshed out Jiyu’s character by making her a musician who posts music online under the name “Yeorum/Summer.” They also introduced a charming subplot where Heesu receives daily deliveries of carrot juice on his desk from a secret admirer. Initially, he believes the sweet gesture is from Chanyoung, but it’s actually from Seungwon. This twist wasn’t in the original webtoon.

Speaking of the source material, the show’s take on the Heesu-Seungwon storyline is more dramatic than the webtoon’s. In the original, Seungwon simply asks Heesu for dating advice. However, in the show, their situation escalates when Heesu musters up enough courage to tell Chanyoung how he really feels. Unfortunately, he is interrupted by Seungwon, who needs help with his own secret crush—who happens to be Heesu himself. Talk about an emotionally complex storyline!

‘Heesu in Class 2’ is an exploration of young love

The tvN adaptation will incorporate tennis, an element not featured in the webtoon. A tennis coach was included in the cast, and some scenes were reportedly filmed on a tennis court. Finally, actor Jeon Yeongin, who appeared in the 2021 movie Hold Me, will play a new character named Hosik. He’s a good friend of Heesu’s who also happens to be close to Chanyoung. Interestingly, Hosik seems to have replaced the character of Jinmyung who filled the same role in the original.

All of these details are intriguing, but take note that nothing is official unless it comes from someone directly connected to the show. What we do know for sure is that Heesu in Class 2 is a poignant exploration of young love that raises many questions about modern-day relationships. The answers to all those questions will be revealed when the show starts airing on tvN. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: The show’s cast clearly bonded during filming, as evidenced by this photo of them clowning around on set. Source: MyDramaList.