As IU prepares to unveil her sixth mini-album ‘The Winning’ the excitement has reached new heights with the recent release of the official tracklist. Interestingly, it has been revealed that the soloist has a surprise collaboration with NewJeans member Hyein!

‘The Winning’ Tracklist Reveals Surprise Collaboration Between IU and Hyein

Shared online by the singer’s label on February 4, the tracklist for ‘The Winning’ was presented in a creative online shopping cart format, giving fans a sneak peek into the musical treasures awaiting them.

‘The Winning’ boasts a collection of five brand-new songs, with the spotlight shining on two title tracks, namely “Shopper” and “Holssi.” The pre-release single, “Love Wins All,” adds to the anticipation, featuring alongside two other tracks, “I Stan U” and the intriguing “Shh..”. The latter has particularly captured attention, not only for being one of the tracks but also for its notable feature of two artists—Joe Won Sun and Hyein from NewJeans.

Fans are buzzing with excitement about the collaboration between Joe Won Sun, a seasoned Korean singer, and Hyein, a rising star from the rookie group NewJeans. Hyein’s inclusion in IU’s album at such a young age is also seen as a significant honor, and many enthusiasts have linked this collaboration back to a memorable episode on IU’s Palette, where NewJeans made a special guest appearance. During the show, when Hyein performed “Get Up” live, IU was reportedly captivated by her voice, setting the stage for a potential collaboration.

With ‘The Winning’ scheduled for release on February 20 at 6 PM KST, IU’s latest endeavor also promises a musical journey enriched with diverse collaborations and fresh sounds. As fans eagerly await the unveiling of the complete album, the tracklist revelation has only heightened the anticipation, leaving them eager to experience the magic that IU has undoubtedly woven into each track.