BTS‘s j-hope, known for his unwavering dedication to his fans, recently gave them a deeper glimpse into his life in the military. On July 8, he shared photos from his time as an assistant instructor for new recruits at a training center in Wonju, Gangwon Province. But these photos weren’t just casual snapshots; they were filled with details that gave fans a closer look into his military life.

In the photos he posted, j-hope proudly displayed the insignia on his arm, representing the 36th infantry division. This division is known as the Baekho unit and its symbol is the white tiger. The hat he wore bore the coat of arms or seal of the Republic of Korea Army. On the pocket of his shirt, a patch indicated his rank as a private first class. 


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Another patch on his backpack further emphasized his affiliation with the 36th infantry. The term “조교” on his uniform, which means “assistant instructor,” was accompanied by the words “Republic of Korea Army” (ROKA). Above his rank on his chest, another patch with a sword also denoted his role as an assistant instructor.

Interestingly, j-hope also added a personal touch to his military gear. He used a fan’s gift, sticking it on his backpack, showcasing the deep bond and appreciation he holds for his fans even during his military service.

What else has j-hope been up to?

Aside from his selcas, j-hope also treated fans to new material even as he continued serving in the military. On August 18, he dropped a physical version of his album, Jack in the Box (HOPE Edition). It includes live recordings from his groundbreaking Lollapalooza 2022 performance, minus ones, and a plethora of new concept photos and other special items.

But the excitement didn’t stop there. His fellow BTS members RM, SUGA, Jimin, V, and Jungkook took to YouTube to unbox the physical album, sharing their reactions and support. RM, diving into the lyrics book, revealed his favorite song, “=” (“Equal Sign”), and expressed his unwavering support for j-hope‘s future endeavors. SUGA, on the other hand, was all praises for j-hope‘s visuals, while Jimin urged fans to shower the album with love.

‘Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)’ Unboxing Video with #RM

‘Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)’ Unboxing Video with #SUGA

‘Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)’ Unboxing Video with #Jimin

Much more to look forward to

The younger BTS members, V and Jungkook, also joined the unboxing spree. V was impressed with the photocards, especially the black and white ones. He couldn’t help complimenting j-hope‘s unique photo-taking style. Jungkook was impressed with j-hope‘s dedication to taking new photos for this edition, setting it apart from the digital version released the previous year.

‘Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)’ Unboxing Video with #V

‘Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)’ Unboxing Video with #JungKook

j-hope’s Jack in the Box (HOPE Edition) isn’t just an album; it’s a testament to his passion and the bond shared by the BTS members. As fans eagerly await more updates, one thing is clear: j-hope‘s journey is far from over, and there’s much more to look forward to. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: ARMYs swooned when they saw j-hope’s selcas. Source: Instagram/@uarmyhope.