Idols and their fans have deep connections in the K-pop scene. The bond between BTS‘s Jimin and a fan known as “Jibangie” is a perfect example. This relationship began when they met while filming content for the PIXID YouTube channel. Recently, a concerning situation brought their relationship into the spotlight.

“Jibangie” resides outside South Korea’s metropolitan area, a region currently affected by flooding and landslides. The country is at the peak of its summer monsoon season, and dams, reservoirs, and rivers are overflowing. As of this writing, approximately 40 people have died over the last few days. South Korean President Yoon Suk-Yeol has vowed to “completely overhaul” his country’s approach to extreme weather caused by climate change. 

Meanwhile, the “Like Crazyhitmaker posted on the fan community platform Weverse to express concern for “Jibangie.”

His doing so is a testament to his character and highlights the connection between fans and their idols. Despite the distance and other things that separate them, idols like Jimin have been known to form unique connections with their fans. Aside from showing concern for someone’s well-being as the BTS member did, some idols even remember individual interactions long after they took place.

ARMY means a lot to Jimin

In the face of the flooding (even though he had flown to New York City with bandmate Jungkook at the time), Jimin‘s thoughts still turned to “Jibangie,” demonstrating how much his fans mean to him. 

Jimin’s concern serves as a reminder of the human element in K-pop, where fans and their idols can be affected by the same global events and share the same concerns. As the rains continue, the hope is that “Jibangie” and everyone affected by the foul weather stays safe. –K-pop News Writer

Featured Image: Jimin is fairly active on social media. He posted this photo as part of his work with the luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co. Source: Instagram/Jimin’s personal Instagram account.