On the first day of the Lunar New Year, BTS‘s Jimin took time out from his military duties to connect with fans on Weverse. Aside from his group’s fearless leader RM, he was the only other member of BTS who was able to greet fans on this special occasion.

Jimin enlisted with fellow BTS member Jungkook on December 12, 2023. They signed up for the South Korean military’s “동반입대” (dongbanipdae) or buddy system. This unique program allows soldiers to enlist with close friends or relatives, receive training together, and be assigned to the same residential unit. In his message, the “Like Crazy” singer reassured fans that he and Jungkook are alright.


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He wrote, “ARMYs, it’s Seollal! Have a happy Seollal, and this year too, be healthy and don’t get hurt or sick. I hope this year, you will only be happy. Jungkook and I are doing well, so don’t worry too much, and I’ll come again! Eat lots of delicious things and don’t diet today.” This message not only updated fans on his and Jungkook‘s well-being but also encouraged them to enjoy the festivities without restraint.

Lunar New Year, or Seollal in Korea, is a cornerstone of Korean culture, emphasizing family bonds and cultural heritage. It falls on the first day of the lunar calendar, typically in late January or early February. Jimin made the effort to write to fans during Seollal while serving in the military. That he did so underscores how important the fans and their happiness are to him.


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Get in touch with Jimin while he’s away

In related news, fans discovered that Jimin‘s father had installed a transparent letterbox outside Magnate, the café he runs in Busan. Fans used to visit the café and leave gifts and letters for the singer there, even before his enlistment. When Jimin’s father installed the letterbox, fans realized that it was his way of ensuring fans could still get in touch with Jimin while he’s away. What’s more, he would most likely be the one to deliver the letters in the letterbox to the idol. Not many parents or relatives of idols would do something like this, so they really appreciated the gesture.

Jimin‘s Lunar New Year message and the news of the letterbox at Magnate café touched fans deeply. As Jimin and Jungkook continue serving together, their efforts to stay connected with fans do not go unnoticed, reinforcing the strong bond between BTS and the ARMY. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: ARMYs were pleased that Jimin found time to greet them. Source: Instagram/@jikook_angelic.