One of GQ Korea’s latest features spotlights South Korean hotspot Pine & Co., where bartenders Du Ui-hong (Joe) and Beom-suk Park (Patt) crafted a series of cocktails inspired by BTS’s Jungkook and his debut album, GOLDEN. Located in Seoul, Pine & Co. was established in 2020 with the mission of introducing patrons to various drinking cultures through their diverse selection of cocktails. Their creations are influenced by different things, including art, culture, experiences, and stories, and are distinguished by their commitment to sustainability and innovative techniques.

Following their homage to fourth-generation K-pop groups Stray Kids and TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), Pine & Co.’s new concoctions celebrate the essence of GOLDEN through three unique cocktails, each inspired by a specific track from Jungkook’s album. The “Incomplete Alexander” draws inspiration from the album’s title track, “Standing Next To You,” while the taste of the “Bittersweet Negroni” mirrors the complex emotions of “Hate You,” track 7. Lastly, the “Reminiscent Highball” is a nod to the poignant “Shot Glass Of Tears,” track 10.

Complex flavors

To craft the Incomplete Alexander, start by chilling a glass and gathering your ingredients: Bombay cocoa gin, coffee syrup, orange soboro, and umami cream. In a mixing glass filled with ice, combine 45 ml of Bombay cocoa gin—Bombay redistilled with cocoa nibs—and 45 ml of coffee syrup, distilled coffee liquid balanced with sugar. Mix them thoroughly, then strain the mixture into your chilled glass. Next, Whip the umami cream enhanced with salt and glutamic acid for topping. Finally, garnish with a slice of sweet bread and a sprinkle of edible gold.

For the Bittersweet Negroni, you’ll need Bombay gin, Suze, a special Blanc de Blancs vermouth, and Campari foam. Begin by preparing the vermouth: degas Blanc de Blancs champagne and infuse it with chamomile, mint, and wormwood. Meanwhile, prepare the Campari foam by charging two eggs with Campari in a nitrous oxide siphon. In a mixing glass with ice, pour 45 ml of Bombay gin, 45 ml of Suze, and 20ml of your homemade vermouth. Stir well, then strain into a glass. Finally, crown your cocktail with a generous layer of Campari foam.


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♬ original sound – I Purple You💜🇸🇦🇵🇭 – I Purple You💜🇸🇦🇵🇭

A perfect tribute to Jungkook

To assemble the Reminiscent Highball, select a highball glass and cool it in advance. You’ll need Grey Goose vodka, geranium liqueur, and geranium flowers for the final touch. Begin by filling your glass with ice to the brim. Pour in 45 ml of Grey Goose, followed by 15 ml of geranium liqueur, which you can prepare by redistilling geranium leaves with vodka and balancing that with citric acid and sucrose. Top off the cocktail with soda and garnish it with fresh geranium flowers, placing them delicately atop the drink.

These cocktails aren’t just drinks; they’re an homage to Jungkook’s music, offering fans a taste of his artistry through the medium of mixology. They also demonstrate Pine & Co.’s dedication to crafting drinks that are as much about experience and storytelling as they are about taste. Fans have expressed appreciation for Pine & Co.’s gesture, recognizing it as a perfect tribute to Jungkook, who’s known for enjoying a drink or two, as seen in the live broadcasts he did before enlisting in the military. Next time you listen to GOLDEN from start to finish, make one of these cocktails to enhance the experience. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Jungkook would probably love these cocktails too. Sources: X/@a_girlwitluv and X/@extraRYce.