BTS golden maknae Jeon Jungkook recently made his solo debut with the single “Seven,” making waves and, quite frankly, a stir because of its explicit lyrics. Fans reactions range from excitement to shock and, as we can see, just the right amount of chaos.

You can now watch Seven’s music video on YouTube, and listen on various platforms including Spotify. The explicit version of the song has a distinct lyric change that caught fans off guard, to say the least. In the music video, which also stars Han So Hee and Latto, Jungkook sings, “I’ll be loving you right.” In Seven’s explicit version, though, he goes, “I’ll be f*cking you right.

As expected, fans lost their minds, to say the least. Many took to social media to express their reactions, with some sharing humorous memes and tweets. 

Others pointed out the differences between Seven’s clean and explicit versions.

Days before the explicit version was released, one fan posted a clip from the making film and joked that Jungkook would change the lyrics. 

Check out their reactions when they realized their prediction was spot on.

The explicit lyrics sparked a discussion about the evolution of Jungkook‘s image and music. Known for his innocent and sweet image as the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook‘s solo debut shows his more daring and mature side. This shift has been exciting and surprising for fans eagerly awaiting Jungkook‘s solo debut.

Seven” has been described as a smooth and playfully sexual summer anthem. It has been likened to Craig David‘s UK garage-centered tracks, with an acoustic guitar to lighten the mood. It’s a potent combination of K-pop sensibilities and Western influences.

Seven” doesn’t have an anthemic, explosive chorus, but that’s fine—it doesn’t really need one. The core refrain, reciting the days of the week and then going, “Every hour, every minute, every second, you know, night after night, I’ll be fuckin’ you right,” works perfectly as a memorable hook. “Seven” keeps its momentum without resting, making it addictive, fun, and replayable.

As Jungkook continues to evolve as an artist, fans can look forward to more surprises and exciting music from the 25-year-old superstar.

Featured Image: Jungkook’s label BigHit Music made fans’ hearts race with the campaign photos for “Seven.” Source: Twitter/BigHit Music’s official Twitter account.