Back in 2022, Netflix premiered “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area,” the Korean adaptation of the popular Spanish thriller series “Money Heist”. The show featured a passionate sex scene involving actors Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Joo Bin, portraying the characters Oh Taek Su (Denver) and Yoon Mi Sun. Now, Kim Ji Hoon has shared behind-the-scenes details of the infamous “Money Heist” sex scene during an appearance on Jang Sung Kyu’s “Don’t Forget Your Breakfast” Episode 8.

Kim Ji Hoon Reveals Behind-the-Scenes of “Money Heist: Korea” Sex Scene

During the interview, Jang Sung Kyu mentioned watching “Money Heist: Korea” and brought up the steamy sex scene featuring Kim Ji Hoon. The actor revealed that it was not only his first but also his last sex scene that audiences would see. He went on to share interesting details about the filming process, shedding light on how such scenes are managed in the industry.

Kim Ji Hoon clarified that during the filming, he and co-star Lee Joo Bin were not fully naked but were wearing protective coverings that resembled diapers. This is a common practice in the industry to ensure the comfort and privacy of the actors involved. He emphasized that the use of body coverings is part of the professional approach to intimate scenes, providing a level of modesty for the actors.

One notable revelation was that the set did not have an intimacy director during the filming of the scene. Intimacy directors have become more common in the industry to guide actors through sensitive and intimate scenes, ensuring a safe and consensual working environment. Kim Ji Hoon’s mention of the absence of an intimacy director highlights the evolving practices within the Korean entertainment industry.

Despite the unique circumstances surrounding the scene, Kim Ji Hoon praised the collaborative effort between him and Lee Joo Bin, emphasizing that they managed to pull off the passionate scene successfully.

Kim Ji Hoon’s insights into the behind-the-scenes aspects of the “Money Heist: Korea” sex scene provide viewers with a glimpse into the considerations and practices followed during the filming of intimate moments in the entertainment industry. As the industry continues to evolve, discussions around consent, comfort, and professionalism in such scenes become increasingly important.