It looks like Kris Wu is staying active musically amidst his current incarceration. A panelist on a Chinese television program has sparked controversy by claiming that the former EXO member is composing music and participating in talent competitions while in prison.

Kris Wu’s Alleged Prison Activities Revealed

The update regarding Kris Wu’s activities came to light through screen captures from the television show that were shared on Twitter. According to the post, the former EXO member “is writing songs with positive vibes and participating in prison talent shows.”

Kris Wu’s legal issues began when a 19-year-old Chinese college student made allegations against him on July 8, 2021. The student accused Wu of engaging in a pattern of sexual assault involving multiple women and girls, some of whom were underage, while they were unconscious and under the influence of alcohol. According to the victim, she was sexually assaulted while intoxicated in December 2020 when she was 18 and claimed to speak on behalf of at least seven other victims. Two of the victims were reportedly minors at the time of the alleged crimes.

The Fall of Kris Wu

Wu vehemently denied the allegations, leading to investigations by the Beijing Public Security Bureau and other authorities. The scandal resulted in various companies, including Porsche, Bulgari, and Lancôme, severing ties with the artist. They either dropped him as a brand ambassador or suspended existing endorsement deals.

Wu was subsequently detained by police in July 2021 and was formally arrested the following month. The legal proceedings surrounding the case continued, ultimately resulting in a verdict. On November 25, 2022, the Chaoyang District People’s Court in Beijing sentenced Kris Wu to a total of 13 years in prison, with additional deportation from China upon completing his sentence. He faced charges related to rape and group lewdness and was also fined ¥600 million yuan (approximately US$84 million) for tax evasion.

The recent television program’s claim about Kris Wu’s involvement in music and talent competitions during his incarceration has stirred public debate and raised questions about the accuracy of the information. It remains to be seen how this situation will develop and whether further details about Kris Wu’s activities will emerge.