Mark your calendars because we’re days away from hearing new music from Odd Eye Circle.

On Saturday, July 8, ARTMS released a two-and-a-half minute highlight medley for Odd Eye Circle’s upcoming album Version Up. 

The six-track album, which will be released on July 12, will start with “Were You Waiting?” and followed by the title track “AIR FORCE ONE.” Its other songs includeJe Ne Sais Quoi,” “Lucid,” “Love Me Like,andMy Secret Playlist.”

Prior to the highlight medley, Odd Eye Circle also released solo teaser images for members Jinsoul, Choerry, and Kim Lip, wherein all three idols are seen wearing eye patches, gloves, and black-and-white ensembles. 

The album Version Up will serve as Jinsoul, Kim Lip, and Choerry’s first release under Modhaus, the agency founded by LOONA’s former creative director Jaden Jeong. The subunit will also embark on their Europe tour starting August. 

The three idols, together with Heejin, signed with Modhaus in March. Their contracts with former label BlockBerry Creative were suspended in January. 

In April, Modhaus launched the ARTMS project to refer to the activities of the LOONA members under their agency. Haseul, who signed with Modhaus in June, has also been added to the agency’s ARTMS project. 

All 12 members of LOONA have left BlockBerry Creative, after winning a string of lawsuits to suspend their contracts with the agency. 

Featured image: ARTMS’ Twitter