In celebration of BTS’ momentous 10th anniversary, fans worldwide have come together to express their unwavering love and support for the septet through “Love Letters,” a beautiful tribute song. This composition reflects the bond between BTS and their fanbase, ARMY, highlighting everything they’ve been through together.

Challenging Years

The past few years have been filled with ups and downs for both BTS and ARMY. From the global pandemic that disrupted plans to each BTS member’s enlistments and impending solo endeavors, it has been a period of constant change. Luckily, the bond BTS has with ARMY allowed both parties to find solace and thrive amidst these challenges.

The creators behind “Love Letters” hope this song will resonate deeply with ARMY, reminding them of the profound impact BTS has had on their lives. It serves as a beacon of hope, assuring the fans that, no matter what happens, BTS and ARMY will always be one. The lyrics capture the essence of this sentiment, encouraging fans to trust the group and believe that the best is truly “yet to come.”

For a Cause

Love Letters” is special as it contributes to charitable causes. All proceeds generated from the song’s sales and streams will be donated to UNICEF, adding a layer of meaning and purpose to this special tribute. By helping “Love Letters” succeed, fans worldwide can continue BTS‘s tradition of helping others through music.

As this year’s anniversary celebrations continue, the release of “Love Letters” demonstrates the creativity and unity of the BTS fandom. Other groups are also preparing their own musical tributes to BTS. For instance, the Global ARMY Song is set to be released in September, providing fans with even more musical expressions of their love for BTS.

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Cheers to a decade of BTS‘s groundbreaking achievements, and here’s to a brighter future filled with infinite possibilities. Stay tuned for updates on the funds raised with “Love Letters” as those behind the song look for more ways to pay it forward, reflecting the benevolence and compassion of BTS and ARMY.

Featured Image: BTS Twitter page