Lucas has broken his silence following his exit from two SM Entertainment idol groups. Lucas Wong wrote a heartfelt letter addressed to fans after leaving NCT and WayV.

Former NCT and WayV Member Lucas Writes Heartfelt Letter For Fans 

On May 11, Lucas Wong posted a handwritten letter on his Instagram account. The heartfelt letter confirms that the rapper decided to leave NCT and WayV. He explained that it was a difficult decision because of how he felt about the members.

I sincerely feel sorry for the members, and it is with a heavy heart that I leave behind a long-standing friendship,” Lucas wrote. “It has been nearly 8 years since I first joined the members, and I am deeply grateful for their care and support.”

He added, “I will cherish these memories and never forget. I hope that the members will remember me as Huang Xuxi, not just Lucas. I genuinely love them and will always support them from the bottom of my heart.”

Lucas further stated that “this is the right decision for the good of all.” He also shared that he is already looking towards the future.

“Moving forward, I intend to muster the courage to face the fans who have been waiting for me and to pursue individual endeavors,” Lucas wrote. “I believe the best way to repay the fans who support me is by continuing to deliver outstanding performances. I will strive to become a more mature Huang Xuxi and an even better Lucas.”

The final part of the letter is a message for his supporters.

“Lastly, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the fans and everyone who has continually supported me,” Lucas wrote.

SM Entertainment previously announced that Lucas is leaving NCT and WayV to pursue a career as a solo artist. It is believed that Lucas Wong’s departure is connected to previous controversies connected to his personal life.