The news of NCT’s Taeyong enlisting in the military stirred emotions among fans and fellow NCT 127 members alike. Unfortunately, some members were unable to send him off properly due to flight delays!

NCT 127 Members Reunite with Taeyong for Military Enlistment Send-Off

On April 15, as Taeyong bid farewell to embark on his military service, he was surrounded by his NCT 127 brothers, who came together to show their support and love. The send-off was a poignant moment captured in heartfelt photos shared by Taeyong himself, accompanied by a message expressing his determination to return safely and his affection for his fellow members.

“I’ll be back safely ! In good health ! Let’s go ! Our 127 !!!!! I love you,” Taeyong wrote.

Mark and Haechan Struggle to Join Taeyong’s Military Send-Off

However, amidst the touching scene, there were notable absences among the NCT 127 members. Mark and Haechan, who had made special arrangements to see Taeyong off, encountered unexpected challenges due to flight delays caused by inclement weather. Despite their efforts to adjust their travel plans and rush to the airport, circumstances beyond their control prevented them from reaching Taeyong in time.

The frustration and disappointment were palpable as Mark and Haechan, stranded at the airport, resorted to a live Instagram broadcast to bid farewell to their beloved hyung. The emotional toll of missing the opportunity to send off Taeyong was evident, particularly as Haechan sought solace in Mark’s comforting presence, visibly distraught over the unfortunate turn of events.

Nevertheless, Taeyong’s resilience and the unwavering support of his fellow members shone through amidst the challenges. Despite the absence of Mark and Haechan, Taeyong made sure to capture a group photo with those present, encapsulating the bond and camaraderie shared among the NCT 127 members. As Taeyong embarks on this new chapter, his departure serves as a reminder of the sacrifices and challenges faced by idols in the K-pop industry, while also highlighting the enduring strength of their friendships and the support system within the NCT family.