As NCT DREAM’s comeback date draws near, fans have been clamoring for spoilers to get a glimpse of what the group has in store. Chenle and Renjun responded to these requests in a manner that was both amusing and bewildering, sharing photos that sparked more questions than answers.

On his Instagram, Chenle posted a photo of his right foot, bruised and bandaged, captioning it with a coy “Spoiler 😏🤟🏽.” The post quickly attracted attention, including humorous responses from fellow NCT members Kun and Mark, who were just as puzzled by the peculiar teaser.


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Renjun followed suit. He posted a photo of both his feet, similarly bruised and bandaged. His post came with the intriguing caption, “But I’m gonna run..🦋.”


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Days later, Jaemin did the same thing. He created an Instagram carousel comprising eight photos. The first was a photo of—you guessed it—his injured feet. These unusual teasers have added an air of mystery around their upcoming album, [DREAM( )SCAPE], set to drop on March 25. The title track “Smoothie” will be accompanied by five B-sides: “i cant feel anything,” “Box,” “Carat Cake,” “Unknown,” and “Breathing.”


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NCT DREAM will impress fans

The group also released a schedule poster for the EP. It features a black and white butterfly stitched onto fabric with red thread.

A new film teaser that hints at eerie mysteries and captivating storylines followed suit. In this latest teaser, member Jisung is depicted navigating a surreal, dystopian system.

( )SCAPE Film : Chapter 1

Adding to the excitement, NCT DREAM announced their third world tour, THE DREAM SHOW 3, starting in Seoul from May 2 through 4. The Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo stops will be a Japanese dome tour. These stops will take place at the Vantelin Dome, Kyocera Dome, and Tokyo Dome, respectively. NCT DREAM will then take their tour to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, and Manila. SM Entertainment will share details on the stops in Latin America, the United States, and Europe on May 8.

The cryptic nature of the posts by Chenle and Renjun has left fans both amused and intrigued. NCTzens worldwide are now wondering if these feet pics have a deeper meaning behind them. But whether they hint at the intense preparations for their comeback and tour, or if they play into the upcoming album’s themes, one thing is certain: NCT DREAM will impress fans worldwide with their latest project. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: In the ‘icantfeelanything’ set of concept photos, the members’ feet are clearly bruised. What’s up with that? Source: X/@NCTsmtown_DREAM.