K-pop sensation NCT DREAM has joined forces with American singer-songwriter JVKE for a refreshing remix of their hit track Broken Melodies.”

On Friday, November 17,  the highly-anticipated collaboration was released, treating fans with new English lyrics and a new verse by JVKE.  

A part of JVKE’s verse goes: “But when reality sinks in deep, I can’t breathe like I’m stuck in a dream where my mind is awake but my body’s asleep.” Moreover, JVKE, who’s known for his breakout hit “golden hour” brought a sweet and enchanting touch to the remix. 

However, what really surprised fans was that the whole first verse and pre-chorus are now fully in English. In the original version, it was mainly in Korean. 

Following the release, fans of both artists couldn’t help but appreciate the remix. Many complimented how NCT DREAM’s signature sound blended seamlessly with JVKE’s distinctive touch. 

Even the American singer-songwriter was satisfied with how the remix turned out. In the comments section on the official YouTube video, JVKE left a comment that read: “Thankful to be part of this.” 

Furthermore, it also appeared that member Rejun is also delighted with the collaboration as he released a cover of JVKE’s viral hit “golden hour.” After the K-pop star released his cover on Wednesday, November 15, his fans quickly applauded him for the gorgeous cover, saying that the song suits his voice. In fact, many of them also requested that Renjun release more covers in the future. 

More collaboration for NCT DREAM? 

Although unexpected, JVKE’s  participation in the remix of “Broken Melodies” not only reflects the global reach of K-pop but also underscores the collaborative nature of the music industry.

Initially, “Broken Melodies” originally served as the lead single of NCT DREAM’s latest album ISTJ. Said album achieved immense success, having debuted at No. 28 on the Billboard 200 chart, marking the group’s highest ranking to date. As it already marked a significant milestone for the group, the remix can potentially contribute to the album’s ongoing success. 

With this, fans of the group couldn’t help but hope for the group to collaborate with international artists more. As this could not only give NCT DREAM the experience of working with diverse talents and widening their musical boundaries, but it could also tap more audiences and potential fans. 

As NCT DREAM continues to make waves globally, the group is scheduled to perform at the prestigious US  music festival iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour, starting in Boston on December 10.

Featured image: NCT DREAM collaborates with JVKE for new version of ‘Broken Melodies.’ Credit: YouTube/NCT DREAM