Ex-KNK member and actor Park Seoham is reportedly planning to star in a historical drama upon his return from the military. He gained fame for his star turn in the Boys’ Love drama Semantic Error, alongside DKZ member Park Jaechan. His military service is due to end by December 2023.

However, NPIO Entertainment, Seoham‘s agency, said the actor hasn’t decided what to do after he returns. According to an agency representative, everything remains uncertain at this point.

Seoham started his military service as a public service worker on March 10, 2022. This was shortly after Semantic Error‘s success. In the series, Seoham played Jang Jae Yong, a university senior who initially annoys Park Jaechan‘s character, Cho Sang Woo, but eventually falls in love with him. The drama gained global attention and opened many opportunities for the lead actors. Regrettably, Seoham had to join the military just as his career was taking off.

Seoham and Rowoon in one drama

Takryu, the drama Seoham will reportedly join, is a sageuk set in the Joseon Dynasty. It is penned by Cheon Sung Il, known for The Slave Hunters. The drama revolves around a gangster at the Han River’s Mapo Port, a significant economic and logistics hub in the Joseon Dynasty. He later becomes famous for his body. SF9 member and actor Rowoon is also reportedly in talks to star in the drama.

The role offered to Seoham remains unclear, but fans are excited about his potential return to the screen. His performance in Semantic Error received wide appreciation and the show went viral. The stars also gained a massive fan following after the premiere.

Fans are eagerly waiting for news of Seoham‘s next project. They continue to celebrate Semantic Error‘s success and the opportunities it created for its lead actors. Despite his military service, Seoham‘s popularity remains high, and fans eagerly anticipate his return to acting.

Stay tuned for more updates on Park Seoham’s post-service plans and the latest Hallyu news.

— K-pop News Writer

Featured Image: When “Semantic Error” became a success, Seoham began receiving more invitations to events. Source: Instagram/Park Seoham’s personal Instagram account.