It took a long time for an update but fans can finally look forward to experiencing Sulli’s final work. Netflix has dropped an official trailer for the late idol’s post-humous project “Persona: Sulli” featuring new footage from the special films “4: Clean Island” and “Dear Jin Ri”.

Netflix Unveils First ‘Persona: Sulli’ Trailer

The official trailer, launched by Netflix Korea on October 31, gives fans the opportunity to see and hear Sulli once more. In the trailer, Sulli narrates, “They say when you dream, it’s either in a first-person perspective or a third-person perspective. When I dream… I watch myself in a third-person perspective, just like watching a drama or a movie.”

‘Persona: Sulli’ is a two-part feature consisting of a short drama film titled “4: Clean Island” and a comprehensive documentary film titled “Dear Jinri”.

“4: Clean Island” presents an enchanting narrative centered around a unique pig at an unconventional immigration checkpoint. The short film revolves around a pig named 4, which aspires to move to Clean Island, known as the purest place on Earth. To achieve this dream, the pig must first confess its sins.

The film features Choi Jinri (Sulli), Hwang Miyoung, and Park Gabi, offering powerful performances that are sure to leave a lasting impression. The script for “4: Clean Island” is written by Kim Jihye, renowned for her work in the film “Wish” and the drama “Lost.” The co-direction is overseen by Hwang Soo-ah, a director with extensive experience in music videos and films, including “Why Did You Come to My House?”

The second part, “Dear Jinri,” delves into the life of Choi Jinri, exploring her journey as an actress and artist. It offers insights into her thoughts, contemplations, and experiences throughout her 20s, featuring interviews that provide a unique and intimate perspective on Sulli’s life. “Dear Jinri” is directed by Jung Yoon-suk.

“Persona: Sulli” will premiere on Netflix on November 13, 2023.