Netflix’s popular reality series Physical 100 is preparing for its highly anticipated second season, set to premiere on March 19. After the first season’s significant success, Netflix has revealed a poster for the next installment of this extreme physical competition.

What is ‘Physical 100’ all about?

Physical 100 tests contestants’ physical strength to crown the strongest from hundreds. A diverse cast of athletes, diplomats, performers, police officers, and more will battle it out to see who will take the top spot. The first season captivated audiences worldwide, clinching the No. 1 spot on Netflix’s Global Top 10 TV Shows (Non-English) category in over 82 countries. Just six weeks after its release, it amassed an impressive 192.63 million viewing hours on Netflix.

The second season, Physical 100: Underground, promises to delve deeper into the competitive spirit of its participants. Set against the backdrop of underground mines, the season is expected to push contestants to their limits with more complex challenges. Director Jang Ho-gi hinted at the heightened intensity of the new season, stating, “If season one was based on ancient Greece, season two is based on the underworld.”

This season will see more former and current national athletes among the contestants, with a 30 percent rise compared to the first season. The production team has been preparing for over a year to make Physical 100: Underground bigger and better than its predecessor.

Contestant Reveal #1: THE WARRIORS

A truly thrilling season

The cast of Physical 100: Underground includes Kim Dong-hyun, the first Korean athlete to enter the UFC. South Korean national athletes Jeong Ji-hyun (wrestling) and Lee Won-hee (judo) are also taking part in the show. Jang Ho-gi praised the cast, saying, “All of the participants are in the top positions in their respective fields. But in the underworld, they are rank leaders.”

Inspired by ancient Greek culture, the first season featured challenges that pushed the contestants to their limits. Won Jin-young, a CrossFit athlete and snowboarder, emerged victorious among 99 participants. He won a cash prize of 300 million KRW (approximately 230,000 USD).

As Physical 100: Underground prepares to premiere on Netflix on Tuesday, March 19, fans and newcomers alike can look forward to a truly thrilling season. – K-Pop News Writer

Contestant Reveal #2: NATIONAL ATHLETES

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