Save the date as we’re weeks away from the highly-anticipated debut of SM Entertainment’s newest boy group: RIIZE! 

The agency released on Sunday, August 6, the first teaser for RIIZE’s upcoming debut single album! Titled Get A Guitar, it will be out on September 4. 

In a press release sent to Korean media, SM Entertainment also shared that Get A Guitar will have two songs. 

The title track has the same name as the album: Get A Guitar.” Meanwhile, the second song, Memories,” will be a pre-release track, and will be available on August 21. 

Aside from the teaser, the label also released RIIZE’s pre-debut performance video for “Siren.”


SM Entertainment first introduced the official lineup of RIIZE on August 1 by unveiling the profiles for all seven members on Instagram. 

Shotaro and Sungchan were former members of NCT, while Eunseok and Seung Han were first introduced as SMROOKIES. 

Additionally, RIIZE has broken the record for the fastest K-pop group to reach 1 million followers on the said platform. They achieved the feat within just four days since they opened the account. 

Aside from Instagram, the group also launched their official accounts on other social media platforms. 

A combination from the words “rise” and “realize,” SM Entertainment explained that the group name RIIZE symbolizes the act’s dreams. They added that the group will “write a new chapter of music history.”

RIIZE will serve as the agency’s first boy group in seven years following NCT. SM Entertainment’s latest group was aespa, which made their debut in 2020. 

Despite having not made their debut yet, RIIZE is already confirmed to be performing in KCON LA 2023 and SMTOWN LIVE 2023: SMCU PALACE in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Featured image: RIIZE releases pre-debut performance video of ‘Siren.’ Credit: YouTube/RIIZE