RM will be the next BTS member who will enlist for military service. Kim Namjoon shared an update on his mandatory military enlistment. He also revealed that he chose to delay enlisting because of an important reason.

RM Reveals Military Enlistment Plans With J-Hope

The BTS leader shared the update during his latest Weverse Livestream. During the broadcast, RM admitted he was originally planning to enlist at the same time as J-Hope. However, he chose to postpone the enlistment in order to complete a new project.

“I was actually planning to enlist around the same time as J-Hope but I had to push it back because of this project,” he said.

The “Wild Flower” rapper then confirmed that military enlistment is still part of his plans despite the delay.

“I think I will go after I complete this,” he stated.

RM Teases New Project Before Enlisting For Military Service

Kim Namjoon did not reveal whether he is working on new music or a completely different project. However, ARMYs are already waiting for updates from the BTS rapper.

RM was recently announced as the new brand ambassador for Bottega Veneta. The brand’s creative director Matthieu Blazy confirmed the news on Instagram and the BTS leader confirmed it with his own post.

J-Hope enlisted in the 36th New Military Education Center in Wonju on April 18. RM and the rest of BTS were present to support the rapper. Jin, who was the first member to enlist, took a leave of absence to give Jung Hoseok a proper send-off.

For now, two members of BTS have enlisted for military service. RM is expected to announce his enlistment before the end of the year. Suga, who is the second eldest member, might also enlist when he finishes his solo world tour in late 2023. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.