Rosé is speaking out about BLACKPINK’s latest milestone as the headliners for COACHELLA 2023. The group’s main vocalist also discussed what she learned after releasing her solo album ‘R’.

Rosé Reveals Initial Reaction To BLACKPINK Being Chosen As COACHELLA 2023 Headliners

Roseanne Park recently collaborated with GQ Korea in a stunning pictorial. In the accompanying interview, the BLACKPINK member shared her initial reaction to the group being chosen to headline COACHELLA 2023.

“It really feels like a dream. When I first heard the news, I was speechless. I was so shocked. To us, it was a movie-like moment,” Rosé said.

She added that “this has been a longtime dream. I couldn’t even dare imagine being headliner. I was just happy to participate in Coachella and stand on stage.”

BLACKPINK recently headlined the main stage on COACHELLA 2023 for two weekends. The members each got to perform a solo stage and Park Chaeyoung performed a song from her solo album ‘R’.

Rosé Shares Personal Growth As A Solo Artist

Rosé also admitted that she learned a lot from working on a solo album and performing without Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa.

“To be honest, I myself didn’t know in the past. But now I definitely know. Would it be because I’m still learning?” she asked.

She further explained, “There’s definitely an image and complete version I have to show as BLACKPINK. Images that are more powerful and energetic. But when I’m solo, it’s a bit different. It’s mixed with a bit of boredom and there’s overall a lot of soft images.”

In the past, I’d say ‘Rosé is Rosé,’ but not anymore. I’m gradually learning that I have to absorb and express a variety of images. It’s fun,” she concluded.

BLACKPINK is currently on the road for the BORN PINK World Tour. The group recently confirmed encore shows in selected cities in North America. The new dates will be in August this year.