C-Jes Studios has officially acquired Creative Group ING. The news had people talking because the agency represents Ryu Jun Yeol and the label they acquired also happens to represent Ryu’s ex-girlfriend Lee Hyeri.

Why Did Ryu Jun Yeol’s Company Acquire Ex-Girlfriend Lee Hyeri’s Label?

The recent acquisition of Creative Group ING by C-JeS Studios, the agency representing Ryu Jun Yeol, has sent ripples through the K-pop industry, prompting speculation and intrigue among fans and netizens alike. The ₩1.30 billion KRW deal, equivalent to approximately $963,000 USD, has raised questions about the future direction of both agencies and their respective artists.

While the news of the acquisition may initially have caused some concern among fans, many netizens have urged for calm, pointing out that both agencies were previously under the same ownership. This context suggests that the purchase may be more of a strategic merger than a hostile takeover, aimed at consolidating resources and streamlining operations.

One of the key points of interest stemming from the acquisition is its potential impact on the artists represented by the agencies, particularly Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol. Both stars have been embroiled in high-profile controversies in the past, including their involvement in a messy scandal with actress Han So Hee. With the merger of their respective agencies, fans are curious to see how this development will shape the careers and public images of Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol moving forward.

For Hyeri, who is the sole artist under Creative Group ING, the merger with C-JeS Studios could offer new opportunities for growth and exposure. As part of a larger agency with a diverse roster of talent, she may benefit from enhanced resources and support, potentially opening doors to broader career prospects and collaborations.

Ryu Jun Yeol Power Move?

Similarly, for Ryu Jun Yeol, the acquisition of Creative Group ING by C-JeS Studios may signify a strategic move to strengthen his position in the industry. With the combined expertise and infrastructure of both agencies at his disposal, Ryu Jun Yeol could leverage this synergy to further solidify his status as a leading actor and expand his presence in various entertainment ventures.

Overall, while the acquisition of Creative Group ING by C-JeS Studios marks a significant development in the industry, its full implications remain to be seen. As fans await further details and announcements from the agencies involved, one thing is certain: the merger has sparked anticipation and curiosity about the future trajectories of Hyeri, Ryu Jun Yeol, and the broader entertainment industry as a whole.