On February 19, it was confirmed that K-pop stars Sandara Park, Gikwang, and Lee Dae Hwi will be the hosts for the newest dance competition program DNAcers: Global K-Dance Project.

According to a report by KoreaJoongAngDaily, the show will “oversee top K-pop dancers duking it out in dance battles and street performances in Las Vegas.” 

Apart from being the hosts of the show, the three K-pop idols will also play as the dancers’ managers. For those unaware, Sandara was a former member of the now-disbanded girl group 2NE1, Gikwang is a member of the boy group Highlight, while Daehwi is from the boy group AB6IX.

What we know about DNAcers: Global K-Dance Project

Bringing the South Korean talent in a global scale, the DNAcers show will feature the finest dancers from the industry to compete against international dancers. Moreover, the competition will only span 10 days.

In their teaser, the show gave a glimpse of the numerous performances showcased by the participants. Notably, renowned choreographers and dancers in the likes of Aiki, Lip J, Ri.hey and Harimu will battle against the local dance groups and street performers in the city. Previously, they all gained recognition for their participation in the hit reality program Street Woman Fighter

Moreover, what makes the show even more exciting is the surprise appearance of BTS’s J-Hope, who’s widely recognized for his outstanding dance skills. In DNAcers, the K-pop superstar will be participating as a special messenger who will give out the missions to the contestants.

Furthermore, the show will also be composed of a talented production team led by veteran music program producer Song Gwang Jong. Throughout his career, Song produced a number of hit shows including the third and fourth season of Hidden Singer, and the reality series Begin Again.

The first two episodes of  DNAcers will be released on Monday, February 26, via the streaming service TVing. 

Featured image: Sandara Park, Gikwang, and Lee Daehwi are the hosts of ‘DNAcers.’ Credit: YouTube/DNAcers