Fans of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN are sent into a frenzy when member Dino has finally confirmed that he’ll be releasing several solo works soon. 

Rumors that SEVENTEEN’s youngest member is gearing up for his solo mixtape started when his co-member Hoshi mentioned it during the episode of Waggle Waggle. Interestingly, producer Na Youngseok, or also known as Na PD, also hinted at Dino’s solo activity in a livestream with SEVENTEEN

Since speculations about his solo mixtape already went viral on social media, Dino then addressed it in a recent Weverse live. 

Will Dino be the next SEVENTEEN member to release TTT? 

In the livestream, the group’s main dancer confirmed that he’s working on his solo mixtape. 

As PLEDIS Entertainment is yet to make an official announcement about it, Dino said that he won’t reveal other details yet. 

Still, he expressed his excitement for the said release as he recalled how much he’s been dreaming of releasing music as a solo artist. Furthermore, he also assured fans that he really worked hard for his upcoming solo mixtape. And that he drew inspiration from the artists he looked up to, including Michael Jackson. 

With this, CARATs are eagerly anticipating if Dino’s solo mixtape will fall under SEVENTEEN’s TTT project. 

For those unfamiliar, TTT — or The Thirteen Tapes — is a long-term project of SEVENTEEN wherein all 13 members of the group release their solo mixtapes. 

So far, only Hoshi, Woozi, and Vernon had their own TTTs. To recall, Hoshi released Spider in April 2021, Woozi with Ruby in January 2022, and Vernon with Black Eye in December 2022. 

Prior to this upcoming solo mixtape, Dino also has several solo releases including High-Five,” “Last Order,” “0(Zero) andThe Real Thing.” 

Mixtape and OST

But the excitement didn’t stop there as Dino also confirmed that he worked on his first solo drama OST. 

A preview of the SEVENTEEN member singing the OST for the drama Castaway Diva circulated on social media. As of writing, additional details about the said OST have yet to be announced. 

During his livestream, the idol also mentioned that the OST was also a pleasant surprise for him. 

Notably, these solo activities came shortly after SEVENTEEN released their 11th mini-album SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN. Moreover, the group is also embarking on their concert world tour FOLLOW. 

Despite these loaded schedules, it’s nice to see Dino also pursuing more solo works on his own.

Featured image: Dino in a concept photo for SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN. Credit: Facebook/SEVENTEEN