The theater kids of K-pop are now into the trot genre! On Tuesday, December 26, boy group SEVENTEEN celebrated Christmas by dropping their first trot single “God of Light Music.”

For those unfamiliar, “God of Light Musicis meant to be a parody of the “God of Music” — the title track of the group’s album SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN. 

Since it was created through the group’s variety series Going Seventeen (GoSe) as a fake promotion, fans were surprised to see the song released on official streaming platforms.

In the two-part special GoSe episode, Dino channeled his ahjussi character Pi Cheolin. As this character, he pretended to set up his agency, BOMG, with the help of producer Woozi.

Another proof that they are indeed “self-producing idols,” the group shared their process in creating “God of Light Music.” Notably, the parody track featured lyrics by the members themselves, particularly by Mingyu and Jun.


Undoubtedly, the group’s fandom, Carats, found the said track hilarious. Therefore, many expressed their plea to have the official release of “God of Light Music”.

“There were many requests to release the music of ‘God of Light Music,’ which was originally made as a promotional content for SEVENTEEN’s comeback,” the group’s agency, PLEDIS Entertainment said in a press release.

Alongside the release of “God of Light Music were also several releases. One of which is the instrumental version, as well as the trot remix of “God of Music.”

Notably, trot is well-known as a popular genre of Korean music, due to its distinct repetitive rhythms. With this, God of Light Musicserves as the latest addition to SEVENTEEN’s long and versatile discography.

More to come for SEVENTEEN

Aside from the newly released single, SEVENTEEN has another gift prepared for fans. On January 5, the group’s variety show with renowned producer Na Young Suk titled Nana Tour will finally be released.

To recall, Nana Tour, with the full title of Let’s Go Together: Nana Tour with SEVENTEEN” is set to showcase the members’ wits alongside Na PD’s entertainment expertise.

In the show, the members explore scenic spots in Europe while playing various games and activities along the way. Said program will have a total of six episodes, with about a 60-minute duration per episode.

In addition, the “Super” hitmakers are also set to meet their international fans for the Asia stop of their Follow world Tour. However, SEVENTEEN will continue performing with 11 members, as S.Coups and Jeonghan are currently on hiatus due to health concerns.

Featured image: SEVENTEEN releases ‘God of Light Music’ in official streaming platforms. Credit: Twitter/SEVENTEEN