Shownu is getting ready for his first major project since his military discharge. The MONSTA X leader is hyping up the group’s first subunit with fellow member Hyungwon. In addition to that, Son Hyunwoo shared his thoughts on seeing his fellow members doing promotions during his military service.

Shownu Shares Details On First MONSTA X Subunit With Hyungwon

Vogue Korea recently unveiled photos from Shownu’s latest photoshoot for the magazine. In the accompanying interview, the MONSTA X main dancer discussed the plans for the group’s first subunit. Shownu revealed that Hyungwon has already written songs for the new group unit.

They’re all good. When I ask for song recommendations, he sends them through KakaoTalk and he mainly listens to songs he could’ve written. Good and modern music,” he said.

He also confirmed that he and Hyungwon have a great bond that will make their new subunit work well.

“What’s great about when I’m with Hyungwon is that I’m comfortable. The reason we hang out often is just because it’s comfortable,” Shownu said. “We don’t speak much and don’t bother each other.”

Good synergy can be created when you’re uncomfortable, but since we have a comfortable relationship I’m not sure what kind of chemistry will come out,” he said.

“We’re both not the greedy type and have similar body types. I have a desire to showcase good performances and visuals but nothing’s been decided yet,” Shownu added.

Shownu Opens Up About Watching MONSTA X Perform Without Him

The still-unnamed subunit will be Shownu’s first major project since his return from military service. However, he admitted that he also enjoyed seeing the other MONSTA X members’ promotions while he was serving the country.

I was curious about their performance and my members’ conditions but it was all incredibly cool,” Shownu said. “Since I know that the first week [of promotions] is the hardest, I watched while assuming they were exhausted but also thinking ‘this is interesting!‘”

He then added that being able to watch his fellow members from afar was refreshing.

“I did slightly miss the anticipation of preparing an album from the perspective of a singer but it was fun watching from the perspective of a fan,” he said.

The first MONSTA X subunit with Shownu and Hyungwon is expected to debut in the Summer of 2023.