Actress Yuri is back on the big screens! On Tuesday, December 12, South Korean media outlets reported that idol-actress Kwon Yuri of K-pop group Girls’ Generation is finally making her acting comeback. According to reports, she’ll be starring in the upcoming horror film Mist. 

Although this is her first attempt at a dark genre, Yuri has expressed her enthusiasm for the role. “I am excited to show you a new side of myself because it is fresh work,” she said. The idol-actress also added: “I will work hard to finish it healthily and happily, so please give us a lot of interest!”

Notably, this will be Yuri’s movie comeback following her lead role in the 2013 film No Breathing, raising anticipation among fans.

What we know so far about ‘Mist’

According to the film’s production team, Mist will depict people’s fear as they desperately struggle to resolve the cracks in their ordinary lives.

Yuri will play the role of Kim Min, an employee of a special cleaning company who is in charge of handling scenes of lonely deaths. Furthermore, Kim Min is expected to be a complex character as she shows off a bright personality on the outside and bears an emotional flaw on the inside. 

Aside from Yuri, Hospital Playlist actress Kwak Sun Young will also star in the film. She’s reported to take on her first-ever maternal role as Lee Young Eun.

Other celebrities included in the star-studded lineup are Less Than Evil actress Lee Seol, veteran actress Gil Hae Yeon, child actor Ki So You, among others. 

Although there is no confirmed date yet, Mist is expected to have its official release in 2024.

Meanwhile, fans can watch Yuri in the second season of the TVN reality food program Business Genius. In this variety show, the actress shows off her culinary skills as an assistant of celebrity chef Paik Jong Won.

Featured image: SNSD’s Yuri is confirmed to lead the horror film ‘Mist.’ Credit: Twitter/Girls’ Generation