Song Seung-hyun, known for being an actor and a member of the band F.T. Island has announced his retirement from the entertainment industry. On February 15, Seung-hyun shared the news in a heartfelt letter on Instagram.


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What did Seung-hyun say?

Seung-hyun began by apologizing for being radio silent after leaving his agency. “First, I’d like to express my apologies to my fans who have been waiting during my long break, as I’m not really good at using social media, and it has been a while since I left the company. I deeply regret that I wasn’t able to communicate smoothly and for the long period of silence,” he wrote.

He then confirmed his retirement and reflected on the challenges he faced after leaving the band to go into acting. “After much thought, I’ve decided to leave the entertainment industry and probably leave Korea to start a new life. Four years have passed since I left F.T. Island and started working as an actor. But what was more difficult than adapting to a new job and environment were the uncertain waiting periods and interpersonal relationships that I didn’t see coming,” he added.

Seung-hyun ended his message with a note to fans, thanking them for everything and wishing them well. “No matter what I do, there’ll never be an easy job or an easy relationship with people, but for me, I’ll try to live a new healthy and regular life that I can tackle every day. I really wanted to say that I’m more grateful than anyone else to the fans who have waited, and I hope that you too will always live a healthy and happy life without getting sick physically or mentally.”

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The end of an era

Seung-hyun joined F.T. Island in 2009 as a guitarist and vocalist, contributing to the band’s success with hits like “Love Sick,” “I Hope,” and “Severely.” After his contract expired in 2019, he left the group and starred in films, musicals, and web dramas. In 2022, he ventured into the Boys’ Love (BL) genre through an adaptation of webtoon Oh! My Assistant. It turned out to be his last project before announcing his retirement.

Seung-hyun‘s retirement marks the end of an era for his fans, who have followed his journey from music to acting. His contributions to both fields have left a lasting impact, and his decision to retire has been met with support and well-wishes from fans around the world. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: His sudden retirement threw his fans for a loop. Nevertheless, they supported his decision. Source: Instagram/@soow456.